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WhomBatz Thorn


The Thorn is the smallest of the WhomBatz line, but don’t let its size fool you – the Thorn is a force to be reckoned with.  Perfectly sized for younger WhomBat warriors or as a dagger for older players, the Thorn is designed for speed and agility.

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Product Description

Product Description

Like all WhomBatz products, the Thorn is safely padded, durable, and waterproof. Available in red or blue.

–Width: 2.2″ at tip
–Length: 17”
–Weight: 85 grams


WHOMM… What?

WhomBatz (pronounced “wom” + “bats”) are the coolest foam swords ever invented. WhomBatz got their name because they are shaped like bats, and make a WHOMMM! sound when they are hit together.

Is it a bat or a sword?

WhomBatz are swords, but they’re shaped like bats and called bats. Why? Because after thousands of hours of sword fighting, the creators of WhomBatz realized that rounded blades had a far superior bounce to flat blades. No matter which way your opponent’s “sword” comes from, two WhomBatz always bounce off evenly in opposite directions. They never twist in your hand or bounce off at strange angles. They are also more padded for safe swordplay.

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Red, Blue


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